Jumbo Lettering makes reading labels in the shower easy.

Phat Labels - Large Print Shower Labels

Labels Designed Specifically for People with Vision Limitations

Phat Labels jumbo print shower labels were designed for people who struggle to read labels in the shower.  No one likes to wear glasses in the shower, and these labels make it easy to tell the difference between shampoo, conditioner, body wash and face soap.

It's our mission to help people who are struggling with vision problems.

Also introducing Toiletry Kits with Large Print Labels on 2 Oz bottles.  TSA Approved

Why We Do What We Do

A few years back, my husband was struggling to read labels in the shower. Because he'd had perfect vision most of his life, this turn of events was particularly painful, and he asked me to print some large font labels, and that's how Phat Labels were born.  

My only regret is that we hadn't  thought of these while my mom was still around, as she struggled with macular degeneration, so I'm doubly driven to provide this solution to everyone who is struggling to read their labels in the shower.